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Here I go again running to the gift room. I used to say to my children, during the potty training years, “Listen to your body do not wait until last minute.” Why then, do I wait until last minute to go to the gift room? No, the gift room is not the bathroom! The gift room is a quiet place inside the soul where one goes to reflect on and admire all the gifts God has given.

It’s here that I can hold the present that was left on our door step, when I was sixteen, that one Christmas when we didn’t have enough money for gifts. The one with the scripture on it, that still holds me up and encourages me to this day. Oh, and here is the time when an estranged cousin came into my life and bought me new clothes and a car…here is one from one of my previous bosses that believed in me when I didn’t deserve it, little does she know her actions led to choices that later saved my life.

There are so many precious gifts in this room. It is here that my doubts dissolve. In this room my faith is renewed, I remember who God is, and I am surrounded with undeniable love. In this room I can see where I end and God begins.

Do you ever visit the gift room? We all have one. If not I encourage you to go. The best way to start is to find a quiet place, take a piece of paper and a pencil, say a little prayer, and ask the Lord to bring to your remembrance all the gifts He has given you and then write them down.

Don’t hold back, write down all the things in your life that just worked out. Make a note about the time when all seemed lost and then it all came together. Write about the time you made that bad decision but it all worked out in the end. Write down all the blessings you can see in your past and present, sit in awe of them, and lastly give thanks to God.

The gift room is a place of gratitude. It is where the bad and negative fade away. Believe it or not, some of my darkest days are in that room, but I can only see light in them now. It is a beautiful powerful place. I hope you take the time to go, and don’t be like a child who has to go and waits until it is too late. I challenge you to go, and once you find it… go all the time!

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