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Life lessons can come in the most peculiar ways. Yesterday’s lesson, thanks to my screaming muscles, I will not soon forget. Fun fact, I am not at an intermediate Yoga level. Apparently scanning through the streaming service for a yoga class, closing your eyes, and picking one…is not a good idea.

This year I decided to do things differently. I chose a word, (two words) to define my next 365 days of life. All I do, will be sifted through these two words. Great concept and it started out with the same vigor as all New Years resolutions do, but unfortunately it began to wane like they do too. I could feel the disappointment settling in and the negative self talk that follows. “NO!” I told myself, “I can do this! I just need to be more organized is all. This pandemic has everything upside down and that calls for stricter measures.”

I pulled my up granny panties and sat down to make a new plan. I scoured the internet for hourly schedules. This is me taking life by the horns! I found a schedule, printed it, added it to my initial thoughts of the new year, and filled in the blanks. It’s beautiful. I must say when I put together a plan it is impressive. Now…to follow through. I actually do have self control, but…I tend to be too literal and if I am honest lack the gray areas of life. I am all in or all out.

I think with my tiny secret out of the bag you can see how I picked an intermediate Yoga class to do. The problem was I should have quit when it got tough. Instead I muscled through defying all rational thought. I could feel my body saying stop, but I was all in! “To the new year!”

Sore…is an understatement.

After I tried to kill myself with a Yoga routine, I decided that I needed to find a yoga class that fit my needs. I spent the next two hours watching yoga videos to find one that I could do with out hurting myself.

It was this morning, when pain filled every movement and my (beginner) yoga instructor was telling me to take it slow, that I realized my screaming muscles were teaching me a life lesson.

If I want to “hone” and “abide” (my words for the year) then I can not jump ahead. The whole reason I chose those words was because I am good at a lot of things, but great at nothing. A beginner can not jump to intermediate, and an intermediate can not jump to advanced unless they have practiced and put in the hard work to get to there.

Life lesson: Leveling up takes time and effort. There is no jumping ahead. I and my muscles can attest to that. In what areas of life are you jumping ahead? Where do you need to humble yourself and be a beginner?

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