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We all cling to something for comfort. As a child maybe it was a teddy bear, or a blanket. As an adult maybe it’s a tub of ice cream hidden under the frozen broccoli, a long walk, or to call a friend. Maybe it’s an unhealthy behavior like self pity, seclusion, bitterness, or paranoia. As a child we were asked to give up such things. I remember not wanting to give them up. Lately, my security blankets have not been working. I feel like I am being asked to abandon them for something more, and I “donut” want to.

We are in a global pandemic. The world has been flipped upside down. Yes, Stranger Things fans…we are in the upside-down! People are dying, relationships are being torn apart, fears are at an all time high, and uncertainty is the new normal. It is a fight or flight. It is intense. I am using all my coping mechanisms, just to make it through a day. I need my blanket!!

Why then do I feel like I am being asked to give it up? As this wears on, keeping my head up gets harder. I feel weaker. The things I have been clinging to even people are falling short of providing me with the amount of comfort and reassurance I need. I feel empty handed and out of control.

Even pre-pandemic I distracted myself with a vacation or a gathering of some kind when things got stressful. I could rub two rocks together and make something to ease my mind or fix my problems. Faith was easier. If something went wrong, I’d pray and TADA! Something would happen. Now, it’s harder to pray and the TADA seems to be out of order.

The other day I sat with my empty hands, I put them together and instead of praying I sat real quiet.

The truth is I want to be in control. I want to fix things. I want things to go my way, and even though I say God’s will be done, I really mean my will be done on earth as it comforts me.

I began to think about the Israelites and their journey into the promise land. The only security blanket they had was God. He supplied all their needs. God wanted them to trust Him and have faith in Him and only Him. The Bible is filled with God offering protection, comfort, security, love, and provisions.

I have been clinging to the wrong things, and fighting to keep them. What have you been clinging to?

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