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It has been a while since I have written. Summer has a way of keeping one busy. We just got back from vacation this past weekend. It is always good to get a way!

On that note, I have what I call vacation protocol. I pack a certain way so I can have dirty clothes ready for the wash post vacation, I plan all the meals, usually pack everyones clothes, and the one thing I really like to do is have the house spotless for when we return.

I feel like when I get it all done I can rest assured and just relax. Usually this works because I do it right, but this time I filled my schedule too much before we left, and I cut corners. I DID NOT CLEAN THE HOUSE before we left!! “What is the harm in that?” You say.

EVERYTHING! Needless to say…I forgot things, which I never do. I planned tacos, but didn’t bring the seasoning. I planned pancakes but forgot the baking powder. The list goes on and on. Even my husband who has bragged before about how well I plan trips was in shock. It was bad. By the time we got home I had been seriously thinking I was losing my mind. This turning forty business is no joke. I thought.

We walked into the house and I am instantly reminded that I did not clean up before we left. Now, I don’t mean food or anything like that, just laundry baskets every where, counters covered in random stuff…stuff I was suppose to take. It was a disaster. I was like…Where did this mess come from?

When I finally had some time to myself, I realized yet again that my place in life and my circumstances were in line with themselves. I have just gone through an over haul of my life this past year…you know when stuff starts to settle in and all the sudden you are fully aware of things. Forty is like a new land where things both come together and fall apart at the same time. I think it is the beginning of wisdom…or crazy. I will tell you when I have figured it out!

A friend just sent me an article this morning by Melody Beattie called “In Between” Its from the book The Language of Letting Go. It was right on. I am in the “in between.” Past the lesson, but adapting to the newness of my discoveries, and it looks like my house does, A MESS! All I have been waiting to do even before vacation was purge out all my stuff. I now see the parallel. My life is cluttered with remnants that need cleaned out. It is time to clean house!

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