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This morning on my way out the garage to the car, I heard a loud commotion. It was a baby bird, perched on the step of a five foot latter looking out the window, and the noise was it trying to fly through the window.

I looked at it and said, “You can’t fly through a window!” Then I proceed to try and coax it to fly out the large open garage door beside it; however, to a baby bird, or any bird for that matter, I am just a large scary being with an unfamiliar voice, so needless to say the baby bird thought I was crazy and tried harder at its window escape plan.

I decided I needed to help it, as it looked like it had no plan b. I slowly walked towards it and moved the latter hoping that maybe it would see the large garage opening. Nope, it was even more determined to go out the window. I, being the enabler that I am, and not wanting bird death on my conscience, opened the window and it flew away free.

That should have been the end of it. I should have got in the car and went about my day as usual, except something in my head said, “You can’t fly though a window either.” Come on!!! Then all the stuff I have been struggling with came to my mind.

I am no different than the bird. In my own life I can see the way to freedom and the answers to my problems, and they are right out that window. I know where I want to be and need to be. It is right in front of my face! I can see it, but I can’t fly though a window. There is a large being speaking to me from behind and telling me what to do, but I’m like that baby bird insistent on getting though the glass.

Thank goodness I have a loving Father who is patient and not an enabler because I know my own way is not always best. He lets me tire myself out until I’m ready to listen and then points me to the large opening He has provided for my escape.

Are you trying to fly through a window? Well, you can’t! There might be a nice person to help you, but if you are getting tired maybe the answer isn’t to go through the window, but to surrender your plan and allow God to direct you. There might just be an open garage door to your right.

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