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We got chickens! They are now, out of my bathtub and, in their coop. Feeding them and watering them are part of my morning chores. Today, I was half-ready when I decided to tend the chickens. I was dressed for work, my hair was done, and I even had my pearls on, but I still needed to put on my make-up and brush my teeth. As I giggled about the thought of me walking to the coop in my pearls I realized a great comparison. 

My little chicken friends depend on me. I have to fill them up with food and water every day.  They would get sick and weak if I stopped taking care of them. God calls us to Him every morning too. He wants to fill us up with His food and water. We need His nourishment like my chicks need me to nourish them. I used to think I understood this, but after a great humbling and a pandemic, I now realize there are many days I show up to serve in life half-ready.

I may have my pearls on. I may be dressed, and in the physical sense I have my make-up on and my teeth are brushed, but am I letting God nourish me completely? No. A few years ago I prayed, “God show me where I end and You begin.” God has been teaching me that it is not God “and” me, it is God “IN” me. I was relying on myself to bring the faith, the joy, the peace, the fill in the blank.

I am still learning. It is not about what we do, or how we think we can provide for God. It is how we give ourselves to Him and we let Him lead. We must admit we are broken pieces and that He is the cement that holds us together, He is what makes us useful, He is the faith, the strength, the peace, the joy, the fill in the blank. It is through Him alone that we can manage to get through a day. Not by anything we can offer or do. We offer our broken pieces and He does the rest.

I check my chickens a few times a day. I need God all the time. Today I was reminded that I need more than pearls to get me through the day. I need the Lord. Have you ever shown up half-ready? Is this a good reminder for you too? I’d love to hear about it! Thanks for stopping by!

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