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It’s a cold, overcast day. I am tired and achy, I want to stay in bed, yet the day calls. I get up. A destination nags me; I have to get there.

I long for outcomes of the many pending changes sitting anxiously at my family’s fingertips. As the unknown looming destinations taunt, I want to get there as fast as possible. I desperately seek peace and contentment. I will find it if I reach these destinations.

This morning during bible study, my friend confided that she is also waiting in hopes of a destination. We opened to Joshua chapter twelve.

This chapter summarized the lands conquered by both Moses and Joshua. They reached their destination. Relief! Chapter thirteen brought more to conquer; however, we learned that Chapter twelve’s significance was to record the journey.

I imagine they had moments where they felt like they would never reach their destination. As we grappled with what Joshua had to offer us, one thing became clear.

Although the destination is what we long for, there is much to glean from the journey.

I long for the kids to be in school full time, for the job situation settled, and for the pandemic to be over. What if it’s the journey of overcast worry-filled days, the calm days, the happy days, the waiting, the anticipation, and the unknown that is important?

This morning I was focused on the destination, not the journey. Where are you focused?

Lord, Please help us trust the destination to You and teach us to appreciate the journey. Amen

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