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This journey we call life is truly not our own. What if I told you from birth until now all those coincidences were not coincidental after all, would you believe me? My head says no, but my heart pleads yes. What if I also told you that you were better friends with a thief, than the helper that works behind the scenes for you?

I was born in the late seventies. I grew up during the eighties and nighties, on a large inactive farm. The area I grew up in is still twenty years behind the times. So it is safe to say that I also have some sixties and seventies in me as well. I was also mostly raised by my grandparents who were bone in 1928, so let’s just say I am an old soul.

Maybe I was born to be creative, but I believe the atmosphere and the times I grew up in didn’t give much choice for entertainment, but the kind you had to make up yourself. There was time to read, write, play, run, and sit in the quiet, much more than there is now.

It was acceptable to sit on your porch for a few hours and enjoy the day and socialize with others. People gathered for picnics and reunions. And at night there was time for a puzzle and maybe a few games of cards.

We were created to be creative beings. When did we stop creating and begin to expect it to be made for us? I had a TV growing up, but I did not experience cable until I was nineteen. I did not have a cell phone until I was twenty-four. What did my mom do with me at the grocery store? How did I not die… of boredom?

Life was different then. Now on a nice day instead of us yearning to sit on the porch, maybe we can squeeze in a quick walk in between our lunch break. Instead of picnics we can throw a steak on the grill quick before we run our kids to practice. Reunions, I haven’t heard that word in twenty years.

We can look back and be sad or move forward with awareness. This world is moving fast and in its rapid pace it is robbing us of the journey. Do you even notice the close calls anymore, the just so happens to work out for you, anymore?

Our focus is on get, get, get, go, go, go. It is hard to even wait in the grocery store line, so we check out ourselves. Why wait for anything? I can do it faster. I am guilty of all these things myself.

My favorite friend is eighty-five years old. He is never in a hurry. We stop and smell the roses, we talk with no limitations. He reminds me what it means to appreciate things. He reminds me that I can be creative. He reminds me that relationship is important.

When you go to the doctors office or any kind of appointment, do you want to talk to the receptionist more than to say I am here? Did you know that not that long ago we used to ask them how they were? We used to interact with people. When I went thru the check out line, I noticed that the girl didn’t even know how to respond to my friendliness.

The reality is that we are becoming accustom to the lack of interaction. We might even be liking it a little too much. We are becoming accustom to doing it ourselves. We don’t need anyone they just slow us down. I can do it faster, cheaper, and more efficient. I am self sufficient.

We are so distracted we haven’t even noticed that we befriended a thief! This thief is stealing our need for others, our patience, our appreciation of others and of the beauty around us, of our creativity, of our craft, of our joy and so much more.

We have lost sight of the Creator. And have magnified the thief. I would like to say the only time we reach out to God now is when things get tough, but many don’t even do that anymore. They look to themselves or to the internet. I am guilty go this too.

“Save me internet!” instead of “Help me Lord.”

“How do I do this internet?” Instead of asking a friend for help.

Instead of “I could make that.” we say…”It is easier just to buy it.”

The challenge: Sit and think of what it means to be relational, to be friendly, to love, to shine, to be creative, to share, to interact, to see someone deeply, to be patient, to hear what another is saying, to sit and relax, to admire the beauty around you, to not touch your phone or tv for a day, to go thru the check line, to smell the air……to be present.

Stop being friends with a thief.

Dearest Father In Heaven,

I don’t even know all the ways I am missing You. I want to acknowledge You in my life, but I find I am distracted with other things. I want to see You and then I quickly forget.

I yearn for the days when I could sit with friends and talk.

My heart breaks for myself, but also for those around me. The world is distracted too. So many people are angry, impatient, irritable…like someone had taken something from them.

Someone has taken from us. It is this thief, but we have let the thief take it. Please open our eyes to You. Help us see You again and what is important to You.

Help us to stop and be aware of how we spend our time, our energy, and why. Help us remember what creativeness, patience, kindness, and love really look like.

When my eyes are on myself, it is only me I see. If my eyes are on You, then it is with You I long to be.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours. Open our eyes and teach us to say no to the thief and know Your voice.

In Christ Jesus name I ask,


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