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There I sat in my dark little cell

Fully content in my heavenly hell.

When in came a child with a little key.

Her smile was aimed right at me.

Quietly she worked as she unlocked my door.

Then left in the way she had come before.

Curiosity filled me as I slowly stood from my chair.

To the door I tiptoed, but no one was there.

I decided to follow the direction she went

And as soon as I did, I hit my knees and repent.

How long had I been in that chamber of mine?

Look at this beautiful world Devine.

It is full of sounds, and glorious sights.

I then remembered that horrible night.

That’s when I decided to quit living free

And built my little cell just for me.

But then I remembered more…

Something I didn’t see or notice before!

I wasn’t alone that dark lonely night…

Three little shadows encouraged my plight.

I recognize them now as I look back!

In fact it was a vicious attack.

I tried to change my mind with all my might,

But I lost to Bitterness, Loneliness, and Fright.

They comforted me with their lies.

Now I realize!

Closing my eyes I inhale.

Where is that girl who saved me from my jail?

I frantically look around to find her,

Seeing only a pool of splendor…

A waterfall of teal blue…

its deepness so true.

But wait…that’s not my reflection at all!

Not the one I recall…

No, this looks like the little girl who set me free!

How can this be?

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