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Why is it so hard to live in each moment? I mean really? I want to know why it is so hard to do? Every morning the sheets are soft and warm to wake up to. Every morning the coffee in our house brews itself into a robust flavor that travels to my nose. Every morning in the spring I settle into my porch swing and the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the smell of blooms and grass fill the air around me. Why do I chose to miss it?

Today I was reminded that each second is a gift, and so often I find myself reaching for a time far past the moment I am in.

I have so much to do this week. I will be glad when it is all done, then I can relax. 

I had this very thought and allowed it to take me out of the now. I traveled ahead trying to figure out how and when I was going to check off my long list of to-dos.

I did not feel my soft sheets this morning, or smell the coffee. I did not even hear the birds chirping as I sat in my spot. I was a blank face looking like a computer screen with the loading symbol.

On the porch I read a little devotional. It began to snap me back into reality, but not instantly. It wasn’t until I sat with my calendar that I realized I allowed the morning to slip away from me. And now I am here sitting with you. Let’s take one minute to just be. Truly, please sit with me for one minute. Let’s set a timer.

Wow! That was more powerful than I thought it would be. What did you hear? What did you observe? What did you smell? What did you think of?

I heard the ticking of a clock, the birds chirping loudly, and a few trucks driving by in the distance. I watched a few birds fly past my window and I could see a peek of the highway on the far hill with fast passing cars and trucks. I took a deep inhale of my coffee and smelled its rich layered aromas.

My thoughts went from, the cars filled with people busy about their day, to a memory of my Grandparents house. It was do peaceful there and time always stood still.

I learned more in the minute that just passed than I do in my average day. I just learned how to find peace. I am not sure in this day and age that we will be able to master or grasp living in the now, unless we practice.

What did you find in your minute? Until next time my friends!

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