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Like the dry earth absorbing water from the sky,

We absorb memories from our lives.

Not one person knows what rain drops have hit the earth, but the earth knows and remembers each one.

Your memories are private and intimate. No one knows them or experienced them but you.

The bees visit the flowers. Do you think the flowers remember each bee? Or the bees each flower? When the flower is gone its experiences go with it. No one knows of its special moments, but God knows.

Rest with that thought. When life, and all it brings, floods like rushing waters after a hard rain.

Cling to the fact that God knows even if no one else does. He knows the rushing waters experienced by the earth, He knows the bees and the flowers individually, and He knows you.

When you want to be heard, when you want to be seen, when you want to be loved as you are, remember God hears you. He sees you. God loves you.

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