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I was visiting my eighty-six year old friend, new to the faith, when she confided in me. “I have lived my life for myself and I did not give back like I should have, and I am afraid my children don’t know the Lord. Maybe if you talked to them they would listen.” I could see the anguish in her eyes. My heart sank, but I knew something she didn’t, I knew Romans 8:1. There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 

I held her hands. I felt the age in them. I looked at her with awe. She lived a fascinating life filled with adventure. A life not many get to live. And like a Rolodex I watched her flip through opportunities in her mind that she had passed up. I thought of my own missed chances. I resolved quickly, knowing that there is no use looking over the past. 

I tried to comfort her.

“I have missed chances too. We all have, but we can’t look back, only forward. There is grace and forgiveness for the things we missed. We have to learn to give these things to God. It is not too late. There is still time to give back and tell your children about the Lord.” 

Her head hung low in the moment. There was no consoling her. She made up her mind. 

The morning visit went on. We changed the subject to something lighter, but it was in the back of my mind. 

When it was time to go. My heart still sat low for her and the perspective she held about life. I knew that she had to come to terms with it on her own. There wasn’t much I could do. I held on to hope, and then it came to me.

As I was packing up to go; I grabbed her hand.

“Do you know what is in your hand?”.

She replied with a smile, “Your hand.”

“Yes, you are right.” I chuckled. “But there is something else in your hand.”

She looked at me with a confused face because her hand was empty, except for mine in hers.

“Seeds…There are seeds in your hand. We are not always responsible to tend the seeds. Sometimes we are just responsible for planting them. You still have time to share the gift you have been given.” 

She smiled and shook her head. I then left her with her hand full of seeds.

One comment on “A Hand Full of Seeds

  1. jewelerdesigns says:

    Your wisdom stories make me cry and smile at the same time! So blessed that you share your world, with us, through your eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

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