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This world is full of answers. If we need to know something we just Google it. At our fingertips we have more knowledge than ever before. We have learned to rely on our phones and our computers to tell us everything. There are DIY videos on just about anything you can think of. My question is this: With all this technology and information have we forgotten how to have faith?

When Jesus walked the earth, He was known to have said, many times, “Oh, ye of little faith.” I wonder what He would say now. People actually witnessed miracles performed by Christ, Himself, and they still had trouble believing.

I am guilty myself of this and that is why I am writing about it.

We have so much information at our fingertips. The world tell us we can do anything we put our minds too. Just type it into the computer, follow the instructions, and voila whatever we need, we have. We joke about “nailed it” projects, but even in them we started that project with the false belief we could do it ourselves.

The truth is the world shouts loudly that we don’t need God. In Jesus’ time, most people sought after God. And in that they still had a hard time with faith in Jesus the savior. And here we are now thousands of years later the norm not to seek after God but to seek for oneself the happiness and comfort of our own lives.

We have taken “one life to live” and “live life to the fullest” to a whole new level. I read somewhere and I can’t remember for the reference that we live like we are in control until ALL feels lost and then one says, “All we can do now is trust in the Lord.” And the other responds, “Is it as bad as that?”

It upsets me that we need devastation to bring us to our knees. And that in our everyday endeavors we forget to trust the Lord with our every moment. I sought after a happy comfortable life, and when it has gone bad I have done all I can to fix it, even pray it away. I wonder though… should we beg to be devastated, if for no other reason than to remember how to have faith?

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