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It is no wonder why Adam and Eve covered themselves in leaves after they ate from the forbidden tree (Genisis 3:7). I keep wanting to surround myself with security too. I want to hide my insecurities with whatever will ease my weaknesses.

It feels better to cover up our nakedness before God, our feelings of inadequacy. They were afraid He’d notice their naked bodies. And God’s reply was, “Who told you, you were naked?… (Genisis 3:11)”

I have been doing the same thing Adam and Eve did, except years later in a different way. I think I am unlovable and I search for leaves to cover myself with, but by doing that I am saying God’s love is not enough.

Yep, you read that right. But God’s love is enough. I keep focusing on me and all the things I can do to fix me. I am not focusing on Gods goodness. In the book, The God Of All Comfort, in chapters nine and ten, by Hannah Whitall Smith, she address this exact thing. In chapter nine she explains how much more God is, and in chapter ten, how self examination can lead to one focusing on self instead of God.

I needed this reminder. It striped me from the leaves I had been collecting. I had to confess that I was more worried about how I thought God saw me than how I saw God. Just like Adam and Eve I was trying to hide my nakedness when the truth is; I can’t.

In Genisis 3:21 God made coverings for Adam and Eve out of animal skin. Later He sent His son to be a covering for us (John 3:16). I don’t need to hide. I can stand in my nakedness and know that I am loved.

Once again I lay down all my self-made securities to focus on Gods goodness. It is hard to let go of all of the leaves. Please pray that I can accept that God is enough, that I can be naked again.

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