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I wish prayer was a culture.

Prayer is a powerful thing. And when we do it passionately, genuinely, and it lines up with Gods will, mountains do move.

We all have a responsibility to pray for ourselves, our family and our loved ones. I wonder if we realize it. Maybe prayer is too daunting, maybe it feels like a burden, maybe it’s hard to see the use for it, or maybe it has let you down so you refuse to do it.

Life is hard and no where in the Bible does it promise a happy, comfortable life here on this earth. The world tells us we should feel no pain and even offers us everything and anything, to numb it. Praying for our fellow man is of the utmost importance! 

We often pray for outcomes to change or things to go our way. What if we started asking for more faith, more strength, more joy, more peace that surpasses understanding, for wisdom, and for comfort instead?

Jesus gave the best example. HE prayed A LOT while He was here on earth. He didn’t rely on His own strength and neither should we.

There are times when we can not pray for ourselves let alone others and those are the times where we put down our phones, we leave our house, and drive to our fellows house and we ask for prayer or we text for help and then the receiver, gets in the car and comes to us.

And then we pray passionately with them because they are too weak to do it themselves, we pray with them because the burden can’t be carried alone, but we should be praying not for their perfect happy lives to work out, but for them to have the strength to endure what comes.

When someone dies we pray for comfort, when we are anxious we pray for peace, when sick for healing, when our faith is weak we ask for faith, these all come from God and those are the only things we can rely on.

I realized I was asking/expecting for selfish things. I was asking for things not in Gods will…both for others and myself. Prayer had became more of a routine and habit rather than a place where I sought after Gods virtues both for myself and for those around me.

We have a responsibility to pray. It is not to pray for everything to go well; it is however, to pray for strength and for protection from temptations, for wisdom, for healing, for understanding, for unity, for comfort, for peace, and for the things of the Kingdom of God. The world is not getting any kinder folks. Kids are not any safer than they used to be, in fact now more than ever we need to be praying.

Challenge yourself in prayer. Pray for yourself, your family, and your fellow man passionately. (I am not saying be repetitious, have faith in what you ask and leave it at Gods feet.) Recognize those who can’t pray themselves and stand along side them until they can stand again. Are you standing in Gods truths when you pray? Are you asking for the right things? Are you praying at all?

I beg of you to pray!! Pray for your fellow man.

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