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There has been many times in my life where I thought I could do something or that maybe I could change something or someone, and I would try my hardest to be better or do better for the cause, but over the years I have finally come to see that in some cases there is nothing we can do.

For instance when my parents got divorced when I was a teenager, I thought I could maintain peace with both parents. I believed it was on me and my behaviors to equate to a healthy dynamic, so I went to counseling to help myself. If I got better then the hardship around me would too. FALSE.

There have been times when friendships have fallen apart in my life and I again thought if I could just be myself, give of myself, and be honest with them, then I would get the approval I needed as well as their friendship. FALSE.

Over the years I learned in counseling about my issues, and how they weren’t healthy. I learned that people pleasing can be dangerous to the soul. I also learned to practice balance with my natural gift of giving. Unfortunately, all the counseling in the world; although helpful, only fixes one person not the entire world.

Though I still struggle with loving people too much, and give too much, I have learned that sometimes there is nothing we can do. There is nothing we can do to make it better. There is nothing we can do to change someones heart, there is nothing we can do to make someone see things our way, there is nothing we can do to fix ourselves so that another will like us.

Oh, but there is something! When our kids rebel and run away, when we run to those we need and they turn away, when we desperately ask someone to make better choices and they chose not to, when people hurt us, when all seems lost in any situation, when we are sad, disappointed, lost, scared, wrong, wronged, (add in your own), we can pray. We can learn to let go, and pray.

Let me clarify, prayer is not a way to get what we want. It is not a way to micromanage God into giving us what we ask for, but it is a way to lay down our hearts desires, pains, needs and wants. There is no promise that says our prayers will be answered, but we can rest assured that He hears them. And if words don’t come to our lips we can still sit with our hearts open before God.

His ways are not our ways and His timing is definitely not our timing, but He is faithful and just. I have seen prayers answered. Not always in the way that I liked, but answered with the same results I asked for. I have seen reconciliation, souls saved, healing, and protection, all of these things in extraordinary ways. I have felt comfort, love, correction, healing, blessings, protection, deliverance, and peace.

Instead of feeling hopeless like there is nothing we can do…remember, we can pray!

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